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Snack BOX Deluxe

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Our new monthly Deluxe "Snack Box"
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Our new monthly "Snack Box" and other boxes are a hit, and our customers love getting a box full of hand-picked deliciousness from Japan each month. Get a taste of Japanese culture with our snack boxes. Traditional treats, trendy snacks, even convenience store exclusives are all available to you!

This month we've got a nice spring theme in our snack pics. Look at all the cool stuff you get!

• Sakura Tarte (1pcs)
• Sakura Candy
• Kozakura Mochi
• Lucky Mayonnaise Snack
• Yubari Melon Caramel
• Unchoco (a little animal who poops chocolate)
• Cisco Green Tea Milk Crisp Chocolate
• Van Houten Chocolate
• Glamatic Gum Strawberry
• Suppa Mucho Ume Flavor


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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

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